What locking nut does Vigier use on excaliburs? (and where can I find one)

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11 Oct 2020 18:34

Hello, I would like to ask what locking nut does Vigier use on excalibur custom? No matter how much I search I cannot seem to fine the exact specifications. The thing is that the string retainer on Vigier guitars is mounted directly onto the nut whereas every other nut I come accross has the string retainer sit seperately far into the headstock. What is more, I went to local guitar shops to look for a replacement and the nuts they have there are of laughable quality. No way I'm putting that on my guitar!  You can feel that the nut Vigier uses is of much better quality, so I would like to find that exact one obviously.

I've been having some problems with the nut. The locking screws have gotten loose and wont lock the strings properly causing slight tuning problems, the string retainer doesnt guide the strings evenly, so the high strings go sharp when the nut is locked (that is a minor issue though) and the low E string tends to slip off the fretboard (not sure if that's a nut issue though).

The guitar is amazing and I love it, it's just that I would like to do some sort of maintenance on it! Thanks in advance!
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12 Oct 2020 13:02

It is a Vigier locking nut.
You can order it at Emma Music https://www.emma-music.com
The reference is µVIG-LOCKNUTC (in chrome)
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