Any Vigier owners in/around Chicago?

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23 Jul 2020 15:42

Hi guys,

I've been dying to try a Vigier, unfortunately no stores around me have one (closest dealer is either in Texas or NY).  Are there any owners around Chicago?  I'd love to try one, but I understand if people would want to wait until the pandemic is over before any kind of meet-ups etc.

Otherwise I'll probably just need to get one in a trade, then if I love one order my own.

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01 Feb 2021 15:59

I know its a bummer that Vigier guitars are so difficult to find in the US...

I own possibly/probably the sole Christophe Godin 10 years anniversary model present in the US, based on a Supra. And unfortunately for you, I live in Houston Tx. Out of all my guitars, this one is the only one which has never required any neck adjustment.

I ordered it through a dealer in Florida at the time, when Vigier was even less known.

I was looking at getting a Vigier Expert with the scalloped fingerboard, but I have let go of the idea for lack of availability. Most of the US dealers stock Shawn Lane models, some Excalibur. Not ideal to find out before making the jump. As we evolve towards online orders for just about everything that we used to test drive, including cars, I wonder how is going to be the future for those less accessible brands. If I want to check anything Fender, Gibson, Ibanez and what not, I just go around the corner and check one. For exotic brands, the only option is to order.

Now I would not mind ordering if I could get the "Amazon returns" deal; "you don't like it, you return it and get a full refund, including shipping". Maybe in the future? most of the guitar "online" stores I know give you the possibility to return a guitar for a full refund. But not Vigier guitars.

I think they are missing out on a very large potential market here. Even if there will always be a bias, I know nobody who tried a Vigier did not like what they got.
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03 Feb 2021 16:25

Hey guys,
I wish we had a dealer in the Chicago area, too! Believe me! Until we get one though, all our US dealers ship for free within the US although I can't tell you on an individual basis what the return policies are for each one.
I welcome any and all suggestions for new dealers in the Midwest - please feel free to email me.
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