Excalibur Original/Custom pickup config suggestions

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24 Oct 2008 09:02


I think it would be nice to have a push-pull bridge humbucker splitter integrated into the tone knob on Original and Custom models!

I do like to have it on my other guitars - it helps to achieve a single-coil "raw" sound with this type of a switch.

Of course, there are pros/cons to that but all in all I guess it could make the instrument a little bit even more universal - when I need a "single" on a bridge to do a nice solo, for example, I'd rather switch than change the guitar. ;-)

I'd also appreciate to hear any considerations against that...maybe, there are some reasons, but I could find none up to now...

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15 Jun 2021 11:39

This is an option to add push/pull to split the Humbucker. Have a look at the vRef program and you will see it is possible.
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