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18 Jun 2013 12:20

From time to time - well, quite a lot of the time - I check out the dealer listings on the Vigier website and click on the weblink to the shop and see what Vigiers are in stock. I notice a few changes in who's listed and who's not e.g. Guitar Guitar Edinburgh is now listed rather than the Epsom branch. Reddog Music Edinburgh is not there now. Any reason for this? Also, it looks like there are fewer dealers listed...!?

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19 Jun 2013 10:26

Guitar Guitar...well that is because they keep sending stock to different branches, if we listed Epsom there would be no stock. This is out of our hands.

Plain and simple for the other question, if shops do not pay us, or won't stick to stocking commitment then they are not really a Vigier dealer and we will not put customers to them as it will waste all our time (us, the dealer and most importantly, the customer). The UK MI is in a funny state right now, look at many competitors and other 'bigger' brands that now have chosen to sell direct as a result of the same problems faced by most brands, it is the way business is evolving in the UK, the use a few 'destination' dealers to 'showcase' the products.

The best thing for customers is to contact one of the most reputable dealers (World Guitars, Tone World or Bass Direct have always been 'on the money'), or contact us direct and we can put the customer in touch with the dealer. Also, it is worth noting that the factory has a lot more stock, so it is only 3-5 days delivery from the UK and this opens up many more possibilities. 

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