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by Tanker_5455
30 Nov 2020 20:59
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Topic: Excalibur Original wiring
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Re: Excalibur Original wiring

Speaking of original wiring, is the only way to get some the second hand market, or is it manufactured? Or is there a recommended equivalent? And in any case, is there a shop that stocks it in Eastern Europe? Because I live in Russia now, and later on, plan to move to one of  these  cottages in Latv...
by Tanker_5455
29 Nov 2020 21:42
Forum: Musician forum
Topic: Fretless Guitar Psychedelic Jazz/Classica/Prog
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Re: Fretless Guitar Psychedelic Jazz/Classica/Prog

I was already eyeing that model, and now I want it even more... I've come to this forum to learn more about it and how to care for it, and I hope that one day I'll be able to get an iMetal Surfreter, too, and that I'll be able to play something as cool as your music!